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TsoilogsoZ project for the youth’s future

2020/06/26 0

The "TsoilogsoZ" project team and the MNCCI are working together to empower and develop the business thinking of young people who will enter the labor market.

The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) has contributed huge support to launch the TsoilogsoZ project which is initiated by youngsters within the framework of strategic objectives such as creating a favorable business environment, ensuring multi-stakeholder cooperation, developing a sustainable network, strengthening mutually beneficial partnerships and empowering young people entering the labor market. Based on the Z generation youngsters characteristics, skills and talents, the TsoilogsoZ project aims for supporting youngsters’ cooperation by offering the best solutions for the development of young people to be prepared for becoming wealth creators who have the skills and attitudes needed to compete in the domestic and international labor markets and giving rise to the new generation of business executives who have an entrepreneur mindset.

Project implementation period: June 4, 2020 - June 4, 2024

Key stakeholders:

  • TsoilogsoZ project team
  • Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Generation Z youngsters
  • Business organizations
  • International organizations
  • Local development organizations
  • Consultant experts

The target group of the project is Mongolian youth aged 16-24, including high school senior year students, university and college students, and Z generation youth who are employed. In 2 years and 1 month, we have created more than 70,000 youth social group community, more than 300 youth active actual group

community of Z generation, developed a channel with 150,000 followers in the social environment, and directly reached and supported positively more than 250,000 young people in total.

Co-operation Strategic Priorities 2022-2024

  • To develop a business, entrepreneur mindset and attitude
  • To prepare future CEOs by empowering young people entering the labor market

The milestones of the TsoilogsoZ project

The milestones of the TsoilogsoZ project are to support communication, share opportunities and experiences, develop a business mindset, train talented workforce to lead the private sector, cultivate an entrepreneurial approach, and disseminate intellectual investment and, the consequence of the project is to create the largest digital and actual community where supports collaboration and gives opportunity to share knowledge, and learn together for more than 250,000 Z generation youth. Therefore, it will allow young people to learn from each other and from experts, moreover, to compete on an equal footing in the domestic and international labor markets.

For more information:

  • Please, click here to watch project introduction video.
  • Please, click here to open project social media account.
  • Please, click here to watch Z Networking Conference 2021 event organized by TsoilogsoZ.
  • Please, click here to watch Update 2022 event organized by TsoilogsoZ.

Generation Z youth

There are more than 95 universities and colleges in Mongolia, with an average of 23,000 graduates entering the labor market each year, and employment of graduates is approximately 76 percent, of which 65.9 percent work in their field of study. The main reasons for this are the lack of professional skill level and stability of graduates, the lack of soft skills and, the lack of a proper lifestyle, which is a major issue in the employment of human resources sufficiency and provisions. In addition, social and economic instability, pandemic, and substandard education systems are negatively affecting the mentality and development opportunities of Mongolia’s future, “Generation Z youth”. Therefore, one of the most important factors in providing young people with stable jobs and training the skilled workforce is to support youth cooperation, additionally, it is important to combine this support with “peer-to-peer learning” which is a new culture of learning style amongst young people lately. One of the characteristics of the new generation of young people is that they prefer the “peer-to-peer learning” style which is the ability to learn from each other. In the age of technology and information, the traditional system of teaching and learning has been reformed, and both teachers and students can study and exchange knowledge at the same time. In other words, we used to think of the concept of “education” as a skill that can only be acquired through classroom learning, but today, Z generation youth are learning more broadly, using all the channels of knowledge and information.

Therefore, based on the research of labor market needs, the MNCCI is working with the project team to identify and develop solutions to address them and to make an intellectual investment of young people, and encourage cooperation to give rise to wealth-creating young people in the following strategic priorities.

Project Strategic Priorities 2022-2024

  • Research-based complete decision making
  • Intellectual investment in youth
  • An environment for promoting youth communication and cooperation
  • Continuous capacity building for the team
  • Activities that meet the needs of young people
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