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"Z-Learning Culture" Project

2020/06/26 0

Project name: Z-Learning Culture


Educational delivery for young people has been a misfit for their mindset and way of living. It all began with the digital transition, all information has become accessible from anywhere, and any time, this has triggered a culture of active engagement of young people of Generation Z. So we see this as a global governance problem that should be addressed and solved fittingly for this day and age. As we have researched, some young people have jumped over this gap to create success for themselves all around the world, such as a 16-year-old Concept design artist that has successfully publicly shared his projects.

Unique characteristics /Generation Z/


  • Anywhere anytime 
  • Easy access
  • Active engagement
  • Peer to peer learning

Project concept

By changing traditional delivery system of education, our project is aiming to recommend more flexible and native learning model, which includes ease of accessibility to all information at anytime and anywhere, while being actively engaged in the learning process through Peer to Peer program.

We will be the new voice of modern delivery of education to the World starting from Mongolia. This project's result would send Mongolia a signal to give more importance and attention to enhance the governance of education. By creating a partnership between MNCCI and educational organizations, we can strengthen the quality of skills in graduates/professionals in the labour market, which is our long term sustainable development mission. 


• Learning from peers – Learning process doesn’t always have to happen between a student and a teacher. By having an opportunity to learn from others who are the same-age, young people would be more motivated and educated easily.

• Share with peers –Acquired knowledge and experience without being shared would be useless.

• Create - After learning from each other and sharing, they are ready to cultivate entrepreneurial mindset and use their knowledge in real-life situations.

• Collaborate – Collaboration is the main factor to keep the learning process continuously active and stable. By learning together, young people would be more valuable in the international labour market. 

About the program

The education system consists of 6 significant components, which are labour market, employers, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sciences and Sports of Mongolia, educational organizations, and students/young people. These components influence the delivery of education directly, MNCCI's "Z-Learning Culture" governance project helps young people by creating a program where they can get their education anytime, anywhere, easily accessible, and actively engaged with peers in their ways. The main four objectives are to create an appropriate context for young people where they can learn from peers, share with peers, create and collaborate with their peers. 

Obsessed with progress 

Our uniqueness 

What makes this project uniquely innovative is its levelling up, gamified approach in learning and creating new things. This method motivates young people to continuously make progress within their chosen field, which we call it being "Obsessed with progress".

Our stakeholders

Z-Learning Culture governance project has many stakeholders from different sectors in Mongolia. Within these stakeholders, our main partners in this model would be Youth council under the MNCCI, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sciences and Sports of Mongolia and other Youth NGOs of Mongolia. The MNCCI does not only support them but coordinate and connect to potential future entrepreneurs. 

Long-term perspective

Within five years, our project would have created a sustainable model of educational delivery and a way of learning. This model is fitted for the younger generation's unique characteristics and culture of knowledge, who have lived in this digital age. By creating this flexible model, we help other age groups to express and guide themselves to success or constant progress in life.