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Yak and camel wool factory to be developed in cluster

2020/03/03 0

The working group at the EU-funded TRAM project for establishment of a cluster of yak and camel wool held its 2nd meeting on Friday. This cluster will be formed with purposes to manufacture final products made of yak and camel wool, to promote it at foreign markets and to develop partnership with companies abroad.

“Satisfied the world standards, Mongolian wool and cashmere goods are popularized throughout the world. Global consumers already felt that Mongolian cashmere and wool products are pure natural with zero harm to health besides warmness and well-fitting. However, we still encounter hurdles when exporting our goods because of the industrial capability, lack of competitiveness of promotion and packaging, thus it is important to tackle these issues through mutually-beneficial clusters. I am really sure that our collaboration in cluster with the TRAM project will contribute to increasing the export of Mongolian products,” said B.Saruul, MNCCI Secretary-General, in her opening remarks.

Participants in the meeting discussed a legal environment for clusters, an organizational structure, financing for EBRD projects for producers and creation of a website for clusters. Promotion of goods made of yak and camel wool to be displayed at exhibitions in May and June as well as planned programs were considered as well.

Commenced in 2017, the EU-funded TRAM project aims to contribute to the Mongolian economic growth by supporting an increase in non-mining sector exports. The project will last until 2021 in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the MNCCI. Working in close collaboration with the beneficiaries, the project enables non-mining sector businesses to gain better access to foreign markets, reduce export costs and ensures that Mongolian exporters can improve their profitability in targeted international markets.

The meeting also gathered representatives from the Wool and Cashmere Union, Khuvsgul, Zavkhan, Bayankhongor provinces and some producers included in the cluster team.

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Mongolia exports cashmere and wool products of USD 306.1 thousand to Kazakhstan