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JICA presents major projects to MNCCI

2020/03/03 0

 On May 31, Chairman of the MNCCI O.Amartuvshin met Tamura Eriko, Chief Representative of the JICA to Mongolia, Hotta Kentaro, an officer of the JICA in charge of program affairs, Ts.Davaadorj, Director of the Japan-Mongolia Center for Human Resource Development and Nakamura Ko, an officer for business relationship affairs at the Japan-Mongolia Center for Human Resource Development.

Beginning the meeting, Mr. Tamura briefed about ongoing projects being implemented by the JICA in Mongolia, and then put forward some proposals to collaborate with projects on ensuring a balanced economic growth fitted with environment, diversifying industries and enhancing a regional developmental strategy and to have Mongolian enterprises and companies actively take part in the Foodex Japan 2020 international exhibition.

Mr. Amartuvshin mentioned that the JICA is one of the largest organizationss of Japan to cooperate with Mongolia and said the MNCCI is eager to develop close cooperation with the JICA and the Mongolia-Japan Center.

“It is important to nurture many other sectors besides the mining industry in order to expand the national economy and the MNCCI sees it as one of the priorities. Accessing the Japanese market means a necessity to ensure the Japanese requirements and standards and accord them with taste of Japanese consumers. In accordance with the EPA, Mongolia is allowed to export some 5,000 kinds of products to Japan without tariff and customs taxes, there is still an issue related to the quality. In order to fully utilize the EPA benefits, we need some time and technologies,” he said.

 “Due to lack of experience of exporting, most of Mongolian companies and businesspeople encounter with barriers to supply goods to Japan. It is crucial for them to collaborate and share experiences in order to make the business partnership more beneficial. It is also important to support them to partake in various international exhibitions and fairs. Therefore, MNCCI has changed its structure, setting up a new department for exhibition affairs. A new brand could be generated from a well-organized exhibition, so we have to collaborate in it,” he said.

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