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ICC Business Integrity Compendium

Боловсруулж, эмхэтгэсэн: International Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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  • ICC’s commitment to promote business integrity worldwide is reinforced by the
    engagement of its national committees to act locally, hence, creating a global
    ethics and compliance network to help businesses of all sizes. Vibrant mirror
    Anti-corruption and Corporate Responsibility Committees within ICC national
    committees throughout the world, extend the impact and reach of ICC’s
    Business Integrity programme through their achievements and initiatives.
    This work was made possible thanks to the enthusiastic cooperation of ICC
    national committees, member companies, and a number of great corporate
    experts whose engagement and dedication were instrumental in the publication
    of these innovative and practical anti-corruption tools. All contributors should
    find herein a sincere recognition for their valuable efforts in helping businesses
    behave responsibly and ethically.
    The preparation of this ICC Business Integrity Compendium has required the
    steadfast and intense commitment of a small team of dedicated persons. ICC
    would like to convey its appreciation to François Vincke, Viviane Schiavi, and
    Caroline Inthavisay.

ICC Business Integrity Compendium
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