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Code of Ethics and Principles of Business Integrity

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  • Key Principles of Conduct
    and Business Integrity
    Our company’s continuing policy and commitment is that our business be
    conducted in accordance with the highest moral, legal and ethical standards. Our
    reputation for integrity is one of our most important assets, and each employee, officer
    and director must contribute to the care and preservation of that asset.
    This reputation for integrity is the cornerstone of the public’s faith and trust in us;
    it is what provides us an opportunity to serve our investors and customers. A single
    individual’s misconduct can do much to damage a hard-earned reputation. No code of
    business conduct or set of principles, however, can effectively substitute for the
    thoughtful behavior of an ethical director, officer or employee. Our Code of Ethics and
    Principles of Business Integrity (sometimes referred to as the “Code”) have been
    prepared to assist you in guiding your conduct in order to enhance the reputation of our

    It is imperative that each director, officer and employee of the company abide
    by the following key principles:
     Treat everyone — employees, customers and business partners — with
    dignity, integrity and respect;
     Behave honestly and fairly;
     Strive for mutual respect and trust in relationships;
     Use good judgment and high ethical standards in all business dealings;
     Abide by applicable laws, rules and regulations;
     Ensure a safe and healthy work environment; and
     Promptly address any actual or potential violation of the Code.
    Without the commitment of all of our employees to guide their professional and
    personal conduct according to the Code, the Code is merely words. Each of us must
    accept personal responsibility to read the Code, understand what it means and apply the
    principles set forth in light of its intent. If you need more guidance to do that, or simply
    have a question about the Code, feel free to speak to your supervisor, any member of the
    Investor Relations Department, or a senior officer. If you see, suspect or hear of
    questionable actions that may be in violation of the Code, it is vitally important to
    everyone that you share your knowledge and concerns through the procedures outlined

Code of Ethics and Principles of Business Integrity
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