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Uniting Against Corruption /A Playbook on Anti-corruption Collective Action/

Боловсруулж, эмхэтгэсэн: UN Global Compact

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  • This publication was developed as part of the UN Global
    Compact multi-year project Scaling up Anti-Corruption
    Collective Action within Global Compact Local Networks.
    With the six-step approach and deep dives on key roles
    throughout the Collective Action process, the Playbook
    enables readers to make a clear diagnosis of their local
    corruption landscape, identify and engage stakeholders and
    apply the Collective Action methodology to address identified
    corruption challenges and mitigate potential business risks.
    Chapters 4 to 7 take a “deep dive” with practical descriptions of
    the main roles. The Initiator, the Facilitator, the Participant and
    the Monitor are the roles that may be present in a Collective
    Action. Each of these sections describe the specific types of
    actors that can play these roles, the (recommended) skills
    needed to fill in these positions, as well as the incentives they
    might have and the challenges they may encounter while
    performing these functions.
    The content in this Playbook builds upon resources developed
    by the UN Global Compact as part of multi-year projects
    implemented under the First and Second Funding Rounds
    of the Siemens Integrity Initiative. Further research was
    conducted using publications and resources from strategic
    partners and leading organizations in the field.
    Ultimately, this Playbook aims to mainstream the understanding
    and uptake of Collective Action among Global Compact Local
    Networks, businesses and other relevant stakeholders.
    Please note that the Playbook is intended to serve as a
    practical guide and the UN Global Compact will develop a
    separate publication on the success stories, challenges and
    impact from Collective Action initiatives carried out by the
    Global Compact Local Networks and partner organizations.

Uniting Against Corruption /A Playbook on Anti-corruption Collective Action/
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