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Business Integrity Trends in Asia-Pacific - Beyond the COVID-19 crisis

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  • Since early 2020, the world has been facing one of the biggest global crises in decades, caused by the sudden and rapid spread of Covid-19. Isolation measures, lockdowns and restrictions have presented huge challenges for companies, compounded by economic uncertainty. Southeast Asia is one of the regions where businesses have loaded up on debt and few have a clear picture on how the pandemic will affect their business operations over the coming months and years.


    According to the recent report launched by the OECD in partnership with UNDP “Responsible Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption Compliance in Southeast Asia”, 60% of respondents are concerned with being directly or indirectly associated with at least one sustainability risk, corruption being considered the highest risk for companies operating in the region. Furthermore, the impact of Covid-19 on anti-corruption compliance and RBC has also been measured, showing that 58% of respondents feel that environmental, social and/or governance risks have increased as a result of the crisis.


    In this context, every decision taken implies a big margin of risk. Society in general, and companies in particular need to stick to the only thing that seems to be certain today, their core values and principles.


    This session brought together representatives from different sectors to exchange ideas about innovative anti-corruption initiatives that help companies big and small to weather the damages wrought by the pandemic. 


    • Mathilde Mesnard, Deputy Director of the OECD's Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs


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Business Integrity Trends in Asia-Pacific - Beyond the COVID-19 crisis
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