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Collective action on business integrity

Боловсруулж, эмхэтгэсэн: Transparency International

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  • Collective action on business integrity involves different stakeholder groups including civil society, government and business coming together to effect change, to create a business environment where corruption is no longer accepted and integrity prevails among all actors.

    Countering corruption in the business sector requires the participation of many stakeholders across different sectors of society, including business, government and civil society organisations (CSOs). This document offers guidance to CSOs to support and enhance the application of good practices for collective action initiatives involving multiple stakeholders, drawing upon literature and case studies from across the world. For the purpose of this guide, “civil society” is defined as the arena outside the family, the state and the market that is created by individual and collective actions, organisations and institutions to advance shared interests (CIVICUS, 2013).

    This guide is for CSOs (such as Transparency International chapters) that are considering embarking on collective action initiatives for business integrity in partnership with public and business sector organisations in their local, national and global contexts.

Collective action on business integrity
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