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Good Practice in Whistle blowing Protection Legislation (WPL)

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  • Whistleblowing protection is growingly recognised as a
    key factor to promote a culture of public accountability
    and integrity.

    An increasing number of countries is adopting
    Whistleblowing Protection Legislation (WPL), to protect
    whistleblowers from both the private and public sector
    from occupational detriment such as dismissal,
    suspension, demotion, forced or refused transfers,
    ostracism, reprisals, threats, or petty harassment.
    Good practice WPL includes adopting comprehensive
    free standing laws that have a broad scope and
    coverage, provide adequate alternative channels of
    reporting both internally and externally, protect as far as
    possible the whistleblower’s confidentiality and provide
    for legal remedies and compensation. As WPL is still in
    its infancy, little is known yet on its impact and the
    conditions of effective implementation.

    The UK WPL is often referred to as an effective model
    of legislation, with early evidence of impact in
    promoting internal disclosure of wrongdoing. However,
    its replicability to the specific context of developing
    countries who do not always have an institutional
    framework in place that supports the rule of law and a
    culture of transparency and accountability remains

Good Practice in Whistle blowing Protection Legislation (WPL)
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