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Business integrity toolkit for young entrepreneurs

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  • The Asia-Pacific region continues to be the most dynamic of the global economy
    with sustained economic growth, investment and trade. This represents a
    tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of billions of people and the
    creation of jobs and opportunities for young people.
    However, in a recent World Economic Forum survey, poor governance and
    corruption are still perceived by Millennials (74 percent) as the main obstacle
    holding their countries back and depriving their generation of social, political
    and economic opportunities (73 percent).
    Bribery and facilitation payments are a common practice in most of the Asia-
    Pacific countries. In a survey by Transparency International, 1 out of 4 people
    in the region acknowledged having paid a bribe in the previous 12 months to
    gain access to key public services. In some countries, such as India, Pakistan,
    Thailand and Viet Nam, the reported incidence of bribery is dramatically high
    with rates above 40 percent.
    Corruption also hinders entrepreneurship and innovation in society. The higher
    cost of doing business and reputational, legal and operational risks discourage
    entrepreneurs and keep investors at bay. In the ASEAN region, according to
    the World Economic Forum survey, 79 percent of business leaders recognized
    corruption as a major challenge for their business operations.
    We invite you, the young people of ASEAN countries – with your entrepreneurial
    skills and fresh ideas – to help change this. Use this Toolkit to raise the impact
    of your business in this market. Spread the word – to your employees, business
    networks and supply chains. Say “no” to public officials soliciting a bribe – in
    fact, don’t even let yourself get into that situation.
    By your own example, spread the knowledge and experience that it is possible to
    do business with integrity.

Business integrity toolkit for young entrepreneurs
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