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Thematic Webinar: Incentives for Business Integrity

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    Incentives for Business Integrity

    The webinar brought together prominent speakers from OECD and non-member public and private sectors to discuss the following questions: What drives corporate compliance? Do the reasons differ across regions or between OECD and non-OECD countries? How can we further level the global playing field for companies and to promote integrity? 


    • Olga Savran, Manager of the Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, OECD 


    • Nicola Bonucci, Partner, Paul Hastings, B20 Italian presidency

    Enforcement as a driver for compliance 

    • Fernando Dyer, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Grana y Montero SAA, Peru 
    • Tetiana Kyryk, Chief Compliance Officer, Kyivstar, Ukraine

    Investor and Market Demand for Business Integrity

    • Jinu Koola, Norwegian Investment Bank
    • Chiawen Kiew, Office of the Chief Compliance Officer, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 
    • Alice Lim, London Metals Exchange, the United Kingdom

    Collective actions/Certifications

    • Amanda Rocha, Network Manager Brazil, Alliance for Integrity GIZ/RR & Member of Mais Integridade Seal Committee, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil 
    • Soji Apampa, The Convention on Business Integrity, Nigeria

    Building Integrity Through Supply Chain Engagement

    • Ertugrul Onur, Coca Cola Turkey
Thematic Webinar: Incentives for Business Integrity
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