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Corporate governance certificate

We would like to invite you to our “Corporate governance certificate” issuing training.

The Corporates which have respect on laws, structure with transparent responsibility, management principles recognized internationally and sustainable operations can attract investment and have capability to carry responsibility upon shareholders in modern times. Therefore they can be trustworthy to international and domestic investors.

According to Article 75.8 of Company law of Mongolia, revised in 2011, Members and Secretary of board of Companies required to have “Corporate governance certificate” issued.

MNCCI organizes “Corporate governance certificate” issuing training constantly. By attending this training, trainees will be issued CERTIFICATE and trainees’ information will be registered in database of Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia and National Council on Corporate Governance of Mongolia and shared publicly.


  • Main concept, significance and tendency of Corporate governance
  • Legal environment of Corporate governance and issues should be considered
  • Roles and responsibilities of members of Board and independent members
  • Board, authority and roles of Board, Commissions of Board
  • Roles, responsibilities and legal status of secretary of board
  • Executive management , non-executive directors
  • Reporting, Transparency
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, ISO-26000
  • Finance and risk management
  • Internal audit, monitoring
  • Large agreements, agreements which have conflicts of interest
  • Quality management system

Companies and enterprises can have training onsite. Trainees will be issued certificates. We will provide training materials and introductions. Training content will be Q&A, studying cases and exchanging opinions.

Contact: Foreign Trade Academy
MNCCI building, Room No 202
Phone: (976) 7727-7070 /5/
E-mail: training@mongolchamber.mn