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Mongolia is participating in the Dubai Expo 2020

2021/10/08 0

The Dubai Expo 2020, which is being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), has opened with the theme of “Uniting the Mind and Building the Future”. The DUBAI EXPO 2020, which will be held for six months from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, covers an area of 438 hectares, and 191 countries are participating to promote their countries around the world. During this time, the event will be watched by 25 million people. The general organizers of the exhibition are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia, and the co-organizers are the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Mongolian National Museum, the Mongolian National Library, and the Rust Digital Nomadic Museum.

During the exhibition, the “Mongolian National Day” will be held on November 16, 2021, during which the two countries will host business forums and various activities in the field of trade and investment. The organizers are also planning to launch a direct flight from Ulaanbaatar to Dubai.

In the framework of the general theme of “DUBAI EXPO 2020”, our country has decorated its pavilion with foreign relations, investment, tourism, environment, unique features of climate, customs, traditions, historical monuments, science, education and health, art, culture, sports, and samples of products from national manufacturers.

The "DUBAI EXPO 2020" event, which is being held during the plague, brought exhibits from all walks of Mongolian history from the Mongolian National Museum to promote Mongolia's history and culture: paper money and ornaments from the Yuan Dynasty, and also ethnic utensils and ornaments used by the Mongolian aristocracy.

The investment section of the Mongolian pavilion contains information about “Erdenes-Tavan Tolgoi” JSC. In addition, the works of the best Mongolian photographers adorn the Mongolian pavilion. Specifically, the works of photographers G.Gan-Ulzii, Ch.Batzaya, Balg.Bayar, Banz.Bayar, B.Chadraabal, B.Erdenebulgan and L.Bayandorj are included.
National manufacturer “Khas Goyol” LLC, “Sutain Goyol” LLC, “Anna Kashmir” LLC, “Sain Tumen Kashmir” LLC, designer M.Tsolmandakh's work, “Montulga” LLC, “Enkhjin Souvenir” LLC, “Khukh Urlan” LLC, “Mergen Tour” LLC, “Agni” LLC, “Asylmura” LLC, “Tour Hands” LLC, “Gobi Goo” LLC, “Jasu” felt craft, and “NEGUDT” NGO are participating with their national production samples.

The exhibits of the Mongolian pavilion can be viewed on Android and iOS operating systems through the co-organizer “Rust Digital” nomadic museum application.