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    In order to help for establishing small and medium industry, strengthening capacity of industry working now, specialized and experienced senior experts provide the consulting services by the following directions.

    • Food industry technology
    • Milk and dairy products processing technology
    • Potatoes, vegetables, fruits processing and preserving technology
    • Ferment industrial technology  (water, drink, beverage, beer, wine,  industrial process )
    • Flour and rice production technology
    • Bread, sugar, pasta, bakery production technology
    • Meat and meat product processing technology
    • Agriculture
    • Forestry, arboriculture and afforestation
    • Wool and cashmere deep processing and production
    • Construction material’s production technology
    • Foreign trade agreement
    • Telecommunication network, communication and information technology
    • Low-pressure boiler assembly, calculation
    • Electrical, heating, plumbing and air conditioning systems
    • Other  

    Contact: Customer Service Department
    Phone: (976)11-323974
    Email: customerservice@mongolchamber.mn