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  • ‘Ring the Bell for Gender Equality’ event took place for women’s rights

    For the commemoration of International Women's Day on 8 March, “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” event was held in the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE).

    It was co-organized by the UN, World Bank, MSE state-run company, International Finance Corporation, Corporate Governance Development Center (CGDC), Mongolian Branch of the Women Corporate Directors and Businesswomen’s Council at the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) in coincidence of opening the 5675th trade day of the MSE.

    The event took place for the fourth consecutive year by IFC and stock exchanges around the world to celebrate the International Women’s Day, highlighting how the private sector can spur women’s participation in the global economy and promote sustainable development.

    “While taking care about their families, businesswomen manage to contribute to making wealth, creating workplaces and paying taxes to the state budget. Today, two thirds of board members of companies registered at the MSE are women. However, governmental support still has not reached a satisfactory level to render a policy support to businesswomen and to promote them to increase their social role,” M.Oyunchimeg, CEO of the MNCCI, said.

    This year’s event was attended by 59 stock exchanges around the world. Participating exchanges are encouraged to prioritize diversity in their own corporate structures-by implementing gender-friendly workplace policies; developing female-oriented investment products; reporting to shareholders on diversity objectives; policies, and practices; and increasing the number of women holding board and senior leadership positions.

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