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  • “The Belt and Road Initiative and potential for Mongolia” forum approaching

    A forum entitled “Belt and Road Initiative and potential for Mongolia” will be co-organized on March 18-21 by the Mongolian Economic Cooperation Association (MECA) and the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce (CNAIC), in Beijing, China.

    Currently, over 90 state-run and private entities have confirmed their participation in the forthcoming forum. It will also gather businessmen engaged in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, land farming, infrastructure construction, energy, power plant, sewage plant, environmental conservation and rehabilitation, renewable energy, tourism, metallurgy, information technology, mining, coal, international transportation and logistics, production of chemical and construction materials, pure water and drinks, constructions of industrial park, production of equipment, smart tools and energy facilities.

    The forum’s registration is available until March 2, 2018, and those who are interested in the event can contact the email jige197911@gmail.com

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