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  • “Made in Mongolia” project to be co-implemented

    The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) has established a cooperation memorandum with the E-Mart at the “Sky Hypermarket” LLC to co-implement a project ‘Made in Mongolia’ with an objective to support small and medium-sized enterprises.

    The memorandum was signed on January 18 by M.Sarandavaa, Vice President of the MNCCI and L.Javzmaa, Executive Director of the Sky Hypermarket LLC.

    In the frameworks of the five-stage project, SMEs will be provided with information and advice on selling their products and services and they will enable to promote them at the market.

    This is not first ever project co-realized by the MNCCI and the E-Mart. Sea buckthorn juice produced in Mongolia has already entered into the South Korean market through the E-Mart in scope of the ‘Export to Korea’ joint program.

    “A purpose of the document is to give a chance to SMEs and local entities to sell their products in accordance with international franchise and standards. It will help augment the export. We talk about supporting the export and SMEs all the time, but this project is a concrete action for SMEs. The MNCCI is currently cooperating with the Sky Hypermarket in empowering providers and introducing international experiences on delivery of products and services,” M.Sarandavaa said.

    L.Javzmaa underlined: “The project is mostly focused on developing and supporting providers and cooperating with them. Providing consumers with high-standard and low-price goods will be a part of the project’s outcome.”

    In the first stage of the project, the E-Mart has opened a fair which is being attended by small and medium-sized entities dedicated to the Lunar New Year. In the next phases, several actions will be done to present top national products selected from each province, to organize a fair at the MNCCI and to export them.

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