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  • Entrepreneur 2017 ceremony takes place

    Promoting top entities and businesspeople who contribute to the national economy, the Entrepreneur Ceremony took place on December 22, 2017 for the 21st year in the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI).

    Mr. B.Lkhagvajav, President and Chairman of the MNCCI, opened the ceremony and said: “Mongolia had a budget surplus this year, and the country saw some positive indicators in the macro economy. We are selecting today the top entities that immensely contributed to the Mongolian economy. I would like to extend my gratitude to the private sector which employs over 1.3 million people and brought an economic growth of 5.8 per cent. I am confident that this achievement will last this year.”

    This year’s Entrepreneur Grand Prix went to the Mobicom Corporation, one of the biggest mobile phone operators in Mongolia. Moreover, the Erdenet Uildver LLC, APU, Suu, Khan Bank, Energy Resource, Nomin Holding, Teso Corporation, MCS Coca Cola, Golomt Bank and Goyol Cashmere were selected as the Top-10 Entities.

    The Mercury Trophies were awarded to companies in 21 nominations including excellence in governance, SME, health sector, light industry and tourism. Seven companies received the Greenpreneur 2017 which debuted in the Entrepreneur Ceremony.

    Annual business achievements, profits, social responsibilities, employment and exporting are the main criteria for the Entrepreneur awards. 


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