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  • M.Oyunchimeg: Mongolian businesswomen proved what they could achieve

    A delegation led by Ms. M.Oyunchimeg, CEO the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), took part in the 10th Anniversary Conference of the International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) held on November 12-14 in Seattle, USA.

    During the conference, three businesswomen comprised in the group received the IWEC Awards for achievements in business. Ms. M.Oyunchimeg gave an interview on the participation of our businesswomen in the event.

    - When the IWEC was founded and what is the main function of this organization? When Mongolia joined the IWEC?

    - IWEC is a New York-based non-for-profit organization whose mission is to connect and develop a global network of successful women business owners. IWEC’s reach encompasses women who are already in the global marketplace and want to expand, and those who are ripe to get into the marketplace. The IWEC was founded in 2007 at the initiatives of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of New York City’s Manhattan Borough and Spain’s Barcelona city. As of present, the IWEC has joined chambers of over 20 countries. Although Mongolia was included in the IWEC’s full membership a few years ago, the country had been attending the IWEC’s activities through chambers of Asia-Pacific countries. This time, Mongolia partook in the IWEC Conference as an official member, which was coincided with the 10th anniversary.

    - Since its establishment, what did the IWEC contribute to women’s business? Is there any Mongolian who achieved outcomes from the IWEC’s actions?

    - IWEC not only assists responsible business and women’s role in it, but also contributes to ensuring the gender equality. In many countries, women are doing business, caring their families, paying taxes and creating workplaces, so IWEC supports them and serves a place for businesswomen to learn from each other, exchange experience, widen their business opportunities and collaboration.

    One of the IWEC’s key functions is to contribute to women’s education. IWEC enables successful businesswomen to study in the world’s top universities with a discounted fee. Among them, Ms. B.Bolormaa, director of the ‘Mongol Em Impex’ company, studied at the Barcelona Business School. Our businesswomen brought the IWEC Awards as well. The MNCCI recommends businesswomen to such courses and events. Since the MNCCI has got the official membership, the Mongolian Chamber plans to launch several works.

    - What was feature of this year’s IWEC Conference?

    - This year’s Conference took place under a theme ‘Connecting Women Owned Businesses Globally: Accelerating Growth Through Innovation & Technology’, bringing up some 160 businesswomen from 23 countries, and it was chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Noor Asem from Jordan. Educational content was presented by keynote speakers and panelists and the IWEC’s honorees were presented awards on the final day of the conference. Among them, the IWEC Awards went to L.Bolormaa, Chairwoman of the Council of Businesswomen at the MNCCI, T.Sansarmaa, Director of the ‘Trust Trade’ LLC and B.Munkhzul, Director of the Administration and Human Resource Division of ‘Jur Ur’ company.

    - What are criteria for the IWEC Awards? Have Mongolians ever achieved the Awards before?

    - There are several criteria for the Awards. The judges mainly consider works and actions by those nominated businesswomen in introducing innovations, augmenting job places and exporting products. Transparency of the business income, social responsibility and environmental aspect are considered too.

    This is not first time for us to receive the IWEC Awards. Earlier, director of the ‘Gandirs’ complex Erdenechuluun took this honor. The most important thing is Mongolians are proving what they could; especially Mongolian businesswomen have proven they could lead major companies.

    - You said this year’s IWEC Conference was held under a key topic concerning augmenting innovations. At the event, did you notice any initiatives or proposals that could be neutralized in Mongolia?

    - Running the IWEC’s 10th Anniversary Conference in Seattle was not accidental. Seattle is a birthplace of the world’s major businesses. Headquarters of Starbucks, Microsoft and Boeing are located in this city. In this regard, topics on business and intellectual innovations were discussed at the conference. We learnt other countries’ experiences in supporting businesswomen, providing them with opportunities and discounts from the government. Moreover, I mentioned above that reports were delivered by keynote speakers on education. I want to appreciate new sources for backing businesswomen in Mongolia, but it is vital to work for educating businesswomen, encouraging and promoting their business.

    Besides it, our Council of Businesswomen plans some works. There are a lot of issues should resolved by the government. Furthermore, we should level up women’s role in the decision-making level and support women whose business succeeded. We will deliver our voice at an appropriate level.

    - Thank you for the interview. I wish you success.

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