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  • MNCCI cooperate wıth Turkısh ambassador ın Mongolıa

    We have invited to interview with Mr. Мuhittin Ahmet Yazal who is Turkish Ambassador in Mongolia. He talked about the cooperation of Turkish Ambassador in Mongolia and MNCCI.

    -How long has the Turkish Ambassador been working with the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry?
    -The excellent political relations provide us the necessary foundation to build strong economic relations as well. With the help of our counterparts in Mongolia, we are organizing various business delegations visits from Turkey to Mongolia with the perspective to provide the Turkish business community a broader and better understanding of the Mongolian market and the opportunities investing in Mongolia. The increasing interest from various sectors of Turkish economy and businesses to Mongolia, the flights of Turkish Airlines between İstanbul-Ulaanbaatar that started in 2013 and the rising number of Mongolian businessman trading between the two countries are the positive signs of intensifying bilateral economic relations.

    However there is still some progress required to fulfill the potential of economic cooperation between the two countries. We have a very successful recipe for encouraging Turkish investors to establish businesses in other countries. This is to have diplomatic missions that can assist them in these countries. In Mongolia we have a well-established Embassy that has been serving for 21 years. However we still lack daily direct flights. If we can conclude an agreement between the two countries to allow for the Turkish Airlines to start flying directly between Istanbul and Ulaanbaatar daily, I am certain that our business, trade and economic relations will benefit immensely.

    -What do you plan to work on with the MNCCI?, In what areas can we work together?
    -In this respect, I believe that the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) has a very important role to play. We need to ensure the economic potential between our countries are recognized and necessary environment for it is ready.

    As the Embassy of Turkey, we are keen to hold close relations with the MNCCI for bringing together the private sectors of both countries to establish institutionalized and in depth trading ties. Currently, we are developing projects that includes visits from the Mongolian business circles and MNCCI to Turkey to explain to the relevant Turkish institutions the investment opportunities in Mongolia. We are setting the base for young trade experts from Mongolia to travel to Turkey for internships in several Turkish chambers of commerce. Last but not the least, we are also promoting and encouraging the Turkish private sector to visit Mongolia to build first-hand contacts with their Mongolian counterparts.

    Mongolia has an immense potential that awaits the foreign investors’ involvement in various fields. In this regards, the excellent political relations and strong historical ties provide a perfect environment for the MNCCI and the Turkish private sector to materialize this potential by mutual cooperation. Taking this opportunity, I would like to assure our Mongolian friends that myself and my colleagues in the Turkish Embassy, we are committed to support the Mongolian and Turkish businessmen in their efforts to this end.

    -When did you get appointed as Turkey’s Ambassador to Mongolia?, Could you give an  information about the cooperation between the two countries to the readers?
    -I took office as the Ambassador of Turkey in Ulaanbaatar on the 19th of January 2017. I am a career diplomat since 1992. Previously, I was the Consul General of Turkey in Basra between 2006-2009, Consul General in Mosul between 2011-2013, Consul General in Amsterdam between 2013-2015 and recently, Deputy Director General for Bilateral Relations with Iraq in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until I took up my position in Mongolia.

    The roots of the cooperation between Turkey and Mongolia stem from the historical people-to-people relations between two nations. Mongolia holds a special place in the minds and hearts of Turkish people as our ancestral homeland. Our known history starts here. The word “Turk” is mentioned in a Turkic text for the first time in history in Tonyukuk monuments. This makes Mongolia our oldest home and Mongolians our oldest friends.

    Based on this solid foundation, our two countries enjoy excellent political relations. Our mutual ties getting more and more intense every day, thanks to the globalization, our commitment to improve the bilateral relations and to enhance our cooperation in every field is more robust than ever. In this regard, we enjoy a growing number of reciprocal visits at all levels between various institutions of both countries. Resulting joint projects cover a wide spectrum of fields of cooperation. The visit of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey to Ulaanbaatar is a recent example of this strong cooperation between Turkey and Mongolia.

    -Thank you for the interview

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