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  • This year's second edition of Invest Pro Mongolia magazine published

    We are most pleased to greet our readers with a new edition of Invest Pro Mongolia! From the magazine, you can learn about and stay updated with the current news highlights and overview of Mongolia's business and investment fields. An interview on present circumstances and outlook of the country's tourism sector, an article about the final approval of International Monetary Fund's loan, and other domestic news were included in this edition.

    As part of the magazine's aim to provide essential information about the investment potential to Mongolia, we also featured an article about The Belt and Road initiative, while reading about the the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Mongolia can be found from the column of a Mongolian economic and political observer.

    Moreover, we didn't forget to let you know about the Mongolian national brands that are showcasing organic skin care and cosmetics, as well as "Six reasons to make Mongolia next travel destination".

    We are proudly presenting you with this year's second edition of Invest Pro Mongolia magazine with the hope to mark the beginning of many more partnering projects with you and Mongolia.

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