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  • President Kh.Battulga addresses Mongolia-Russia Initiative-2018

    Series events of the “Mongolia-Russia Initiative-2018” took place on June 7-8 in Ulaanbaatar in accordance with works concurred last year between Kh.Battulga, President of Mongolia, and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

    Mr. Battulga made the opening remarks at a Mongolia-Russia business forum which was one of the events, noting that Mongolia wants to boost the bilateral and trilateral cooperation with the Russian Federation. He underlined that nowadays the two countries have to enrich the strategic partnership relations with economic contents, and added a program on establishing a Mongolia-Russia-China Economic Corridor must be accelerated.

    “An increase of bilateral trade turnover and reduction of the imbalance in export and import is of utmost importance for our two countries. The level of our cooperation in trade and investment is, in short, unsatisfactory. I am sure that the delegates will agree that we have to work on improvement rather than placing the blame on someone,” the President said.

    Mr. I.Ye.Levitin, Aide to the President of Russia and State Advisor of the Russian Federation, sounded V.Putin’s congratulatory message to participants of the “Mongolia-Russia Initiative-2018” events. Through his message, the Russian President applauded the event, and then underlined the Russian government attached great importance to a development of the bilateral relations.

    The remarks and message of the Presidents were continued by a plenary meeting entitled “Mongolia-Russia: The Economic and Trade Cooperation is the key to a development of the strategic partnership”. Reports on certain topics were delivered by Mr. D.Tsogtbaatar, Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. B.Batzorig, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, Mr. I.K.Azizov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Mongolia, and Mr. K.V.Molodtsov, Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia.

    In the scope of the series events, exhibitions of Russian-made progressive techniques and technologies and of Russian SMEs were organized on the Central Square.

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