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  • MNCCI selects best products of SME international trade fair

    Co-organized by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and the Production and Innovation Department of Ulaanbaatar, the annual “Small & Medium Enterprisers’ Product, Service & Technology” international trade fair was concluded on Monday, and a closing ceremony took place at MNCCI Convention Center.

    This year’s international trade fair was attended by 71 national producers and 26 foreign enterprisers and companies of the Republic of Korea, Hungary, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    The certificate and trophy for the extraordinary food products was granted to “Chap Chap” dumpling made by the “Jagaasunrise” Co., LTD. Furthermore, “Maalai Mooloi” organic set made by the “Moncream” LLC received a certificate for the best innovative product.

    • “Eco cosmetic goods” by the “Spirit of Nature” LLC--Best exporting product
    • A meat grinder invented by the “Khainag Tolgoi” cooperative--Extraordinary product of the fair
    • “Tamir” bio-medicine by the “Irves Intertrade” LLC--Introducer of progressive technological product 
    • Leather bag by the “Enkhjin Souvenir” LLC--Competitive Mongolian brand 
    • “Magyar Trade House” LLC—Exemplary participant of the fair 
    • “Jagaasunrise” Co., LTD--Prize for the best packaging 
    • Copper items by the “Mongol Tsar” LLC, “Naad” brand by the “Talyn Ezen” LLC and “Unegkhen” brand—Prize for the best product with characteristics of traditional style 
    • “Edi” men’s clothes by the “Dend” LLC and children’s book made of felt by the “Sarjin Art” LLC—Prize for customers’ choice 
    • “Nogoodoi” extract of black garlic by the “Tints” LLC—Prize for the best product of import substitution 
    • “Yato” tools made in Poland—Prize for the best importing product.

    The Grand Prix award of the “Small & Medium Enterprisers’ Product, Service & Technology” international trade fair went to the “Khugjil Trade” Co., LTD producing and exporting “Ariun” brand paper towels, toilet papers and napkin.

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