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Meeting between O.Amartuvshin, President of MNCCI, and the Hungarian Ambassador Borbala Anna Obrusánszky

2022/02/21 0

O.Amartuvshin, President of MNCCI received Hungarian Ambassador Borbala Anna Obrusánszky on January 20th 2022. Secretary-General of MNCCI S.Baysgalan, and International Trade Attaché of Hungarian Embassy Fulop Zsigmond attended the meeting. 

At the beginning of the meeting, O.Amartuvshin, President of MNCCI, mentioned that after meeting with Ambassador Borbala Anna Obrusánszky in January 2021, he visited Hungary in June, where he discussed with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, other organizations, companies to study the experience of economic recovery after Covid-19. 

During the meeting, the two countries exchanged views on economic cooperation. Particularly, topics such as cooperation with Hungarian company to reduce the traffic of Ulaanbaatar, and to improve management of parking lots of the city; ongoing cooperation with Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; exchanging experiences on the legal environment, and other issues of Chamber; cooperation in a sector of renewable energy, such as underground energy, and water power plants; advanced construction materials, and technology of passive house in Mongolia; and the implementation of specific projects to improve cooperation in the agricultural industry were discussed in the meeting. 

As a result of the meeting, the two sides were agreed to implement the above issues and develop a term plan of further actions.