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Highlighting Enterprises of 2021

2022/02/20 0

The Mercury Trophy Ceremony was held for the 24th year in a row to recognize the best and outstanding enterprises, organizations, and entrepreneurs who have made a real contribution to the socio-economic development of Mongolia.

Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC won “Grand Prix” the Golden Mercury Award for 6.2 million tons or one trillion MNT worth of coal sales, launched and implemented major projects such as the Tavan Tolgoi-Gashuun Sukhait railway, the Tavan Tolgoi-Zuunbayan railway, the Coal Concentrator, and the Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant in 2021. Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC

CACCI: Asia-Pacific Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s Award: Petrovis Group Petrovis Group

BEST enterprises:

  • Erdenet Mining Corporation
  • Oyu Tolgoi LLC
  • Energy Resources LLC
  • Khan Bank
  • Mobicom Corporation LLC
  • MCS Coca Cola LLC
  • NOMIN Holding LLC
  • Khanbogd Cashimer LLC


  • Highlighting Implementor of Compliance and Business Ethics Entrepreneur of the Year: Skytel LLC
  • Highlighting Small and Medium Enterprise Entrepreneur of the Year: Oi Partners LLC
  • Highlighting Innovator of the Year Entrepreneur of the Year: Milko LLC
  • Highlighting Domestic Supplier Supporting Entrepreneur of the Year: Oyu Tolgoi LLC
  • Highlighting Social Responsibility Implementor Entrepreneur of the Year: Mobicom Corporation LLC
  • Highlighting Good Governance Implementor Entrepreneur of the Year: Sky Hypermarket LLC, Mongolian National Construction Association NGO
  • Highlighting Importer Entrepreneur of the Year: Mongol Em Impex Concern LLC
  • Highlighting Exporter Entrepreneur of the Year: Khanbogd Cash mere LLC
  • Highlighting Developer Entrepreneur of the Year: MCS International LLC
  • Highlighting National Manufacturer Entrepreneur of the Year: Moncement Building Materials LLC, Uguuj Chikher Boov LLC, Gan Hiits JSC
  • Highlighting Technology Investor Entrepreneur of the Year: Ard Financial Group JSC


  • Mining Entrepreneur: Tsairt Mineral LLC
  • Construction and Infrastructure Entrepreneur: Max Road LLC
  • Service Sector Entrepreneur: Monos Group LLC
  • Tourism Entrepreneur: AICHOTEL LLC
  • Hövsgöl Travel LLC
  • Information Technology Entrepreneur: Gerege Systems LLC
  • Energy Entrepreneur: MCS International LLC
  • Trade Entrepreneur: Nomin Tav Trade LLC, SIRM LLC, BOSA Holding LLC, Altan Joloo Group LLC
  • Light Industry Entrepreneur: Goyol Kashmer LLC
  • Food Entrepreneur: Ochirdaginas LLC
  • Entrepreneur in the field of transportation and logistics: Takhilt Khairkhan Trans LLC
  • Insurance Entrepreneur: Tenger Daatgal LLC
  • Non-Bank Financial Sector Entrepreneur: Investor NBFI JSC
  • Mobifinance NBFI LLC
  • Dari Finance NBFI LLC
  • Entrepreneur in Education: City University
  • Entrepreneur in Health: Mongolian Genome Project at Happy Veritas Hospital

GREENPRENEUR nomination:

  • Introducing environmentally friendly green technology GREENPRENEUR: Tsetsuukh Trade LLC
  • Natural regenerator GREENPRENEUR: Eco Mineral LLC
  • Platinum Land LLC
  • Sustainable Production Management Introducer GREENPRENEUR: MCS Coca Cola LLC
  • GREENPRENEUR, a producer of ecologically clean products: Promon Trade LLC was selected.

B.Lkhagvasuren, Governor of the Bank of Mongolia, who has made a valuable contribution to Mongolia's society and economy, supporting entrepreneurs who are defining the country's development trends, and making valuable contributions to improving the business environment and strengthening public-private partnerships, has been awarded and honored as “BUSINESS-FRIENDLY GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL”.