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In the framework of 100th anniversary of trade, “The Ulaanbaatar Partnership 2021” international exhibition has selected the best entities

2021/10/08 0

More than 70 business entities attended and introduced their goods and services during the 46th “Ulaanbaatar Partnership 2021” international fair, which aims to provide citizens with quality products and services, create conditions to build up partnership, establish mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership and to support the activities of entrepreneurs. 

The “Ulaanbaatar Partnership-2021” exhibition opened on September 30th at the Misheel Expo International trade center and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, The Governor’s Office of the Capital City, Small and Medium Enterprises Department and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry jointly selected the best business entities and products in 11 nominations.

Mobicom Corporation LLC has been selected as the best business entity of the fair, receiving Grand Prix and the honorary certificate. 

  1. MNAC LLC’s “Bee Pharm” honey has been selected as the featured product
  2. MTOT LLC’s travel combination with sheepskin lining has been selected as the new best export product
  3. Enkhjin Souvinier LLC’s “Urikhan brand” has been selected as the national heritage and tradition product
  4. APU LLC’s “Deej” butter has been selected as the best product of food industry
  5. Khanbogd Cashmere LLC’s Tedy style cashmere products has been selected as the best product of light industry
  6. Gem International LLC’s “Virucide 9” hypochlorite virus killer has been selected as the best international standard product
  7. Naran Foods LLC has been selected as Importer of consumer friendly products
  8. Naran Beauty World LLC’s “Yves Rocher” brand has been selected as the best imported product
  9. Chiglel LLC’s catering equipment has selected as the best import replacement product
  10. Gurvan Sor LLC’s cashmere products for pregnant women and Apu LC’s terelj selenge canned drinks has been selected as the Competitive Mongolian brands in the world
  11. Nomin Holding LLC has been selected as an organization that has been providing quality products and services for years.