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Cooperation of the Business sector and the government on reducing corruption

2021/08/18 0

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia- Transparency International NGO pointed out that Mongolia has fallen five places behind in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) by 2020 and ranked 111th out of 180 countries. In order to improve the CPI of Mongolia, a working group was established last month. The first measure of the action plan and immediate activities determined by the working group was organizing “ Business breakfast'' with members of Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), representatives of the public sector, and business associations to meet the needs of entrepreneurs.

MNCCI, which plays a key role in creating a favorable business environment and in promoting business ethics and integrity, is developing a cooperation in the business sector and, facilitating projects and programs executed under the National Anti-Corruption Program aimed at reducing corruption in the business environment to restrict the spread of corruption in the business sector. Moreover, MNCCI is co-implementing the “Strengthening business integrity project” for strengthening business ethics and integrity in the long-term with Transparency International NGO and Rio Tinto Mongolia LLC. The Business Integrity Center under the MNCCI, the main implementing unit of the project, organized this business meeting and about 60 business representatives submitted their proposals to reduce corruption to the Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) of Mongolia

During the meeting, O.Amartuvshin, the President of MNCCI, has said, at the time of entrepreneurs should take serious measurements to protect themselves from bureaucracy, corruption, and conflicts of interest, MNCCI launched the “Strengthening business integrity project” and the Business Integrity Center has been in operation since may of 2021. The structure of the center is that Transparency International NGO provides international knowledge and information on business ethics and integrity, and Rio Tinto LCC, a leader in business ethics and integrity of the Mongolian business sector, will share their leading experience and best practices.

The Business Integrity Center planned to systematically provide all members and entrepreneurs with international regular business ethics standards, anti-corruption principles, and other necessary information and training through its 21 province branches. He also stressed that the MNCCI, the Business Integrity Center, and their members can actively participate in the development of an intensified anti-corruption plan. 

Participants in the meeting discussed corruption and bureaucracy in the government agencies and their ethics, and difficulties facing businesses, as well as, the contribution of entrepreneurs to the rapid development of the economy.

At the end of the meeting, G.Azjargal, Deputy Chairman of the IAAC, emphasized the valuable contribution of entrepreneurs to reduce bureaucracy and corruption in the public sector and, shared his thoughts that the Business Integrity Center will play a significant role in the aforementioned action. In addition, he added that the proposals of entrepreneurs would be involved in the Intensified Anti-Corruption Action Plan and present its results at the next meeting.


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