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Strengthening business integrity project launches

2021/05/27 0

A launch ceremony was held for the Strengthening Business Integrity project on May 21. The project is being implemented by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), Transparency International Mongolia, and Rio Tinto Mongolia LLC.

Project organizers hope it will strengthen business ethics and integrity by halting the spread of corruption in the business environment through supporting projects and programs under the National Anti-Corruption Strategy. The project's implementing agency will be the Business Integrity Center, part of the MNCCI.

The following activities will be implemented under the project: public awareness campaigns on how to protect businesses from the risk of ethical ambiguity; quarterly discussions on corruption in the business environment, its reduction, and business ethics; demonstrating how businesses should develop professional codes of conduct, providing companies with professional advice and services on their implementation; and regular business and professional ethics training. The day-to-day activities will include establishing a digital library on common ethical ambiguities, risk prevention manuals, books, brochures, standards, and domestic and foreign anti-corruption legislation and research.

Rio Tinto Mongolia LLC will cover the operating costs for the first year, until the Business Integrity Center is self-sufficient.