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The private sector will hold a peaceful demonstration on MAY 1st

2020/04/28 0

The Mongolian private business sector, which accommodates one million jobs, has been regulating it on its own for 100 days since the quarantine started. However, the world facing economic difficulties as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been alarming possible serious recession on the way that have yet to occur in the history of world economy. As of March, more than 46,000 people lost their jobs and the economic toll of the coronavirus has left number of companies unable to cover their expenses and labor costs.

Families which are dependent on seasonal work have lost their income. The Government needs to make decisions and take realistic measures that can preserve workplaces. 

Thus, May 1st has been declared as Workplace Day and the private sector is urged to demonstrate their situations. During this event, the "Business Proposal to Stimulate the Economy and preserve workplaces" will be presented to the general secretaries of all parties running in the election.

You and your company should join.