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"Ring the Bell” for gender equality.

2020/03/12 0

As a part of International Women's Day, 77 stock exchanges around the world are conducting the "Ring the Bell" event on March 8-15, 2020.

On this day, the Mongolian Stock Exchange, the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the UNIDO, and the International Financial Corporation were joined to carry out the ceremony “Ring the bell”. However, the ceremony has been cancelled to prevent the outbreak of the new 'Covid-19' virus. For the same reason, seven stock exchanges in five countries also cancelled the bell ringing this year.

Since 2013, the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been stressing strong emphasis on “Ring the bell” ceremony and hosted a wide range of leading national and foreign organizations on women's rights and gender equality.

While this year the “Ring the bell” initiative having priority to preserve women’s right has been cancelled, they have become an advocate for women in Mongolia as a whole, to increase women's involvement in economic growth in society, and to maintain gender equality and rights in the workplace. The annual event promotes women's participation in the world economy and sustainable development to increase public awareness.