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Businessmen promised not to increase prices and tax regulations will be made by the government

2020/03/12 0

The Chairman of the State Great Khural, G. Zandanshatar, and the President of the Mongolbank, B. Lhagvasuren, met business delegations to discuss about challenges arising due to restrictions in border movement, posed to the stocks, productions, and procurements on essential food items and disposable mask production amid Coronavirus outbreak.

The MNCCI also gathered and submitted proposals issued by the manufacturers and importers to the parliament and to other related authorities after regular meetings and also proposes to submit proposals from this meeting to the Chairman of the State Great Khural, the suggestions, which will be resolved in the near future.

To summarize the ideas and proposals issued businessmen:

  • Tax exemption on raw materials of disposable masks
  • Import tariff exemption or delays on staple food items such as flour, rice, vegetable oil, and sugar
  • Facilitate customs clearance for quicker transportation and inspection due to prolonged shipping time
  • Deferred interest on loans
  • Increase currency reserves

Parliament Speaker B. Zandanshatar said, "We should overcome any complications with our people as a whole. Thanks for taking the time to speak openly and taking precautionary measures against the artificial price increase. All appropriate decisions will be made. An extended meeting on these issues will be fixed tomorrow."

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