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TRAM project team works in Bayankhonor province

2020/03/03 0

A team for the establishment of clusters of yak and camel wool at the EU-funded TRAM project worked in Bayankhongor province on May 11-15.

Comprised Karl Krug, an expert of the TRAM project, U.Narantsetseg, a project manager and R.Ariuntungalag, an officer of the MNCCI, the cluster team discussed cooperation matters with the Bayankhongor province’s Union of Pasture Land Users.

During the tour, the project experts held training involved 29 people from Bogd, Bayanlig, Bayangovi, Shinejinst and Gurvanbulag soums. The trainees received lessons on the value of camel wool, combing methods and creation of high-standard products as competitive as Mongolian cashmere goods.

Following the training, the cluster team visited Shirnen, a foremost camel herder and Namjilmaa, a foremost dairy-farmer. Some advantages of making a combing fence were explained to Batchuluun, head of the province’s Union of Pasture Land Users, and then works launched to build combing fences.

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