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O.Amartuvshin: The private sector must discuss issues together

2020/03/03 0

Mr. O.Amartuvshin, Chairman of the MNCCI, addressed an event called “New Economic Forum” held Monday in the Blue Sky Tower, Ulaanbaatar.

Co-organized for the first time by the MNCCI, the Business Council of Mongolia, the AmCham Mongolia, the Australia Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia, the German-Mongolian Business Association (DMUV) and the French Mongolian Chamber of Commerce, the forum defined urgent issues to the economic development of Mongolia and then sought possible ways to tackle them with help of national producers, international organizations and wealth-makers.

“We are here to discuss a matter on whether we are prepared for the process to be come up in the future. Political influence, statements and action by political parties significantly affect changing things around us. The external economic climate is still pleasant, but the problems are merely caused ourselves, and we have to find them from ourselves. A World Bank Group research stresses that the voice of private sector and businesspeople addressing the government is too weak as they do not unite themselves and work together for tackling issues. Therefore, the private sector must be united when it delivers the voice about their problems to the government.” Mr. Amartuvshin said.

“The MNCCI is organizing this event in collaboration with the chambers of commerce and the Bloomberg TV Mongolia, which makes it one of the most important factors to resolve issues together and stabilize the continuously changing environment. There are over thousand NGOs that safeguard the private sector’s interest, and also the same number of NGOs with different functions. Actually, we discuss issues, but we still cannot unite ourselves for resolving them, so the voice to the government is not very strong. Therefore, we have to find out a solution for it. The MNCCI should be a platform where enterprises and companies unite themselves. Today, less than ten percent of over 40 thousand registered companies in Mongolia are doing business under the MNCCI. Thus, we must augment the number of MNCCI members to influence. In order to so, the MNCCI must be dynamic and consider issues together.”

“Meanwhile, bills on labor, on tax and on license are under discussion, and we have submitted our proposals to these bills. This is just beginning. Furthermore, we have to focus the greatest attention to keeping the private sector’s stability, ensuring the stable economic growth and building up fundamentals of the market. Now we have to carry out thorough research.

In addition, this month, we are going to TOP 100 enterprises for 2018. We have to support these companies, while the top companies should enhance the domestic market by boosting SMEs. It is a great combination when the TOP enterprises form the tax fundamentals, and SMEs create workplaces. Without considering the development issues together, it is just meaningless to reduce the governmental effects to business. In aspect of it, the MNCCI intends to carry out concrete activities, and we urged other NGOs and associations to work towards it.” O.Amartuvshin said.

Brought together national investors, economists, CEOs of the largest taxpayer enterprises and leaders, the forum was held with four basic discussions with themes “Will Mongolia come into an industrial era?”, “Is Mongolia prepared for the next crisis?”, “The Private Sector’s Role”, and “Are Mongolians prepared for a development?”