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MNCCI launches collaboration with Vocational Education Assessment Center

2020/03/03 0

On May 9, a cooperation agreement was signed by O.Amartuvshin, Chairman of the MNCCI and Ts.Batdorj, Head of the Vocational Education and Training Assessment Center.

By the agreement, the parties will cooperate in empowering vocational workers, improving their status, assisting to create a national policy and friendlier environment for preparation of vocational workers.

The document aims to carry out joint activities with the MNCCI to assess professional skills of vocational training graduates, to improve the education for teachers, engineering and technical workers and to formulate basic documents on vocational training.

“The Vocational Education and Training Assessment Center is working towards developing a system of preparing vocational workers based on market needs and creating a proper condition for a network between VTCs and the private sector. Our center also intends to train at least 20 thousand.” Ts.Batdorj said, adding that the center needs help from the MNCCI to fulfill the goals.

The organizations will cooperate in promoting goods made by vocational workers, proposing to register them in the innovation data and supporting them for exporting. Furthermore, joint works will be done to assess and certify the vocational workers’ skills in accordance with the relevant laws. Some works are also included in the agreement to realize a skill-based vocational training system and co-organize scientific conferences and workshops on propagandizing scientific achievements.

The Vocational Education and Training Assessment Center works in main functions of examining the quality of VTCs, providing them with recommendations on curriculum formulation and producing textbooks, preparing certified assessment officials and holding relevant data.

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