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MNCCI to co-organize MEF-2019 in September

2020/03/03 0

In conjunction with organizing the Mongolian National Economy (MEF) - 2019, a preparatory meeting took place April 23 with participation of representatives from the MNCCI, the Mongolian Economic Forum NGO, the International Finance Corporation, the Mongolian Mining National Association, the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia and the Ulaanbaatar Chamber of Commerce.

The participants shared views on outcomes of the previous sessions of the MEF, current issues to the forum, versions to upgrade the MEF and develop the networking.

MEF has been the largest platform for the both private sector and government to discuss crucial issues for the Mongolian economy and finance. In aspect of it, the participants concurred to organize the upcoming MEF session in a new style of organization in order to improve the private sector partnership and tackle issues to the socio-economic development. They emphasized the importance of pre-arrange well-grounded agendas for the annual sessions, taking specific action for the implementation of proposals and recommendations from the MEF and presenting outcomes to the public. They also considered as necessity to make the MEF session a multisided event and run consequent measures and discussions within it. Furthermore, the participants said MNCCI will partake in the MEF as a leading role, safeguarding the private sector’s interest.

At the end of the meeting, the participants preliminarily agreed to organize the MEF-2019 in September. Unanimous decisions were made to determine a key topic, slogan, attendees and moderators to be selected through several consultations in May.

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